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Ikaros Hand Flare Red


Hand Flare Red
Light intensity 15,000 cd
Burning duration >60 s
Smoke time -
Dimensions 243 x 30 mm
Weight 225 g
Ref. no. 34 15 00
USCG no. 160.121/EC0575/MEDB00005F3

Ikaros Red Hand Held Flare is used for short-range distress signaling.
Approved globally the IKAROS this red hand held flare meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.
Easy to use, just pop open the cap and pull out the ring to activate,
the Ikaros flares are known to be the best in the world.
Can also be used as a pinpoint signal for pleasure craft.

Light intensity: 15.000 cd
Burning Time: 60s
Dimensions: 243mm x 30mm (24.3cm x 3cm)
Weight: 235g
Made in Sweden
Expiry Date 12/2022
Colour: Red

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